Friday, 23 October 2009

I seriously can’t tolerate this habit!

I bet everyone had came across this situation before, either with people around you or with some other people you completely don’t know (probably 1st time talking to) where you’re busy talking to someone maybe about something important or interesting and SUDDENLY other person come and just jump into the conversation and interrupt!
Let me just give an example to this; let’s just say you’re in a group of friends and it happens that you’re talking to one friend about something very important and suddenly a friend sitting next to you who is not in the conversation suddenly interrupt and ask the person you’re talking to about something which is NOT so important! How does that feel?
I swear to the bottom of my heart, I HATE THIS!!! To whoever out there who loves to interrupt when other people are busy talking or just jump into the conversation without knowing what the hell the people are talking about….just one advice JUST STOP THAT BLOODY ANNOYING HABIT COZ IT’S ANNOYING AND RUDE!!!! And to whomever that was being interrupted, if you’re in a conversation with someone else and someone else suddenly come and talk to you, please asked that rude person to wait till you’re done talking with the person you’re talking to or just ignore them! That’s what I USUALLY DO when someone interrupts me and another person talking, I’ll just ignore him/her till he/she gets the signal that I’m annoyed by what he’s/she’s doing and he/she will stop and wait!
And since I’ve been around with the Iranians these days, I noticed this a lot with the Iranians!!! (NO OFFENCE BUT IT JUST GETS ANNOYING EVERYTIME WHEN IT HAPPENS!) One minute I’m talking to a friend about something and suddenly another friend just came and suddenly just asked something which is not related to the conversation, for example, ‘HEY WHERE IS THE CONCERT?’ WTF?!?! And then the two will start talking and then when that friend comes back and wants to continue our previous conversation, it just doesn’t get that interesting anymore!
And earlier today at the café by the swimming pool before heading back to the house, me and my bf was talking about his friend who stole my dresses and was discussing about what to do with him (it was a pretty important conversation!) when suddenly one of his friend who was sitting opposite of me suddenly asked my bf something in Persian which I have no idea what the hell it was but I bet it was not important! And my bf started talking to him and when he got back to me, I just forgot about what we were talking about earlier, probably I was too mad about the interruption that I forget about what we talked earlier.
Another annoying situation would be when a group of people are talking and everyone is like competing with each other when they’re talking as if it’s a race of who can say more things or who can finish what they wanna say the fastest! It’s like everyone wants to talk and not giving any chance to everyone else to talk! Like seriously, if everyone is talking who's gonna listen?!?!?!? That happened once when my bf and I and his housemates were having dinner and it happened that I was talking and then 1 of his housemate just cut me and started talking about some shit! Was really mad coz of that I just stopped talking till they realized that. Then, I just ‘bombed’ them and told them they were really rude! Coz seriously it’s damn annoying! But still, they don’t changed! Still keep up with the rude habit!