Sunday, 8 November 2009


After such a long time (probably one year I guess) I finally did some shopping again! I think the Malaysia Grand Sales is back coz every store is doing such crazy discounts on every item! Ohh it feels so nice to shop! It’s weird that since ages I’ve wanted to get myself a black cardigan and I just managed to get it last night. I had few choices in mind between few of MNG’s or ZARA but finally I got the MNG one even though it was slightly more expensive than the ZARA coz the ZARA’s one didn’t have a nice cutting!

The black cardi that I got!
Then I bought this slipper which I’ve also been wanting to get for such a long time (but I just couldn’t find a nice one!). It looks something like wedges but it’s a slipper. So I got it straight away the minute I saw it! Actually I was planning to get a pair of new formal black shoes but then I changed my mind just after I saw the slipper! Lol! After that, I got this 2 spaghetti straps from MNG and a store called Chelo… really worth it!