Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas is coming...!!!

As much as I love Christmas but this year is gonna be different and somehow I'm just not looking forward to it. I won't be able to celebrate it with my family (coz I'm not going back...) nor with Mr. O... =( This is coz he's going to Indonesia on the 25th itself... *sigh* I guess it's gonna be a lonely Christmas this year for me... =(

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Where are the lenses?!?!?!

I noticed this trend going around these days especially in my college and I'm kinda wondering 'What are these ppl thinking?' just look awkward!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Arash Concert!

I know some might be wondering who that is?!?! Well, I didn’t know who it was at 1st till recently when my bf’s band was busy practicing for his concert opening here in KL. And after listening to some of his songs, I realized that I’ve heard some of the songs before and I know them, just that I never get to know who the singer was.
Anyway, Arash is this Iranian famous RnB singer and frankly, some of his songs are not bad actually. They’re quite addictive.

He has this song called ‘Temptation’ which the video clip was recorded in Malaysia, and honestly it doesn’t look like KL at all! Bukit Bintang looks so nice in the clip not to mention Sunway Pyramid! And the quality of the video clip is really good unlike most of the Malaysian video clips which just look…..*sigh*!

The concert!

Us taking pics with him backstage! *It's just so nice to have the VIP treatment! u get to go backstage and take pics!*

Me & Neusha before the concert starts! She's really sweet! =)

Runway 18 doing their thing for the opening!

Ok let’s get to the part where I went for his concert! Well, it was great! My bf’s band played for the 1st one hour. Then, it was the concert. The best part was that, I get to sit at the VIP place cos I was in the ‘Guest List’ and it was really cool! Considering the fact that I didn’t have to pay for a single cent! *wink wink*

One of his famous hit. Try checking out 'Donya' one of his best single featuring Shaggy! i think everyone knows this one cos I listened to it before but i just never bother to find out who was the singer.

Their best night!

Last night was so far the best night of performance of my bf’s band! It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it! See, my bf’s band performs in 2 clubs (sometimes 3) a week and of all these clubs, I really love it when they’re performing in Hops & Grapes in Cyberjaya! I love the place, I love the people, I love the bar owner and I just love the crowd who went there!
Although cyberjaya is quite far from the city centre and the bar just seems kinda evergreen with working adults and some middle age customers but one thing I love about them is that they go to the bar for the love of MUSIC! They are there to enjoy the music instead of just come and drink and get fucking drunk!
And that brings the reason why I hate Envy Club in Mont Kiara and as well as Library in D’ Curve! The crowds are lifeless! They don’t respond at all! All they care about is just to get drunk and get those club PR’s to entertain them and when the band don’t play their song requests, they’ll start to complaint!
No offence (especially to all Chinese out there and as well as my Chinese friends), but I never like a club or a bar which mainly has 90% Chinese crowd cos :
1. They never seem to pay attention at the band playing (if you know that you’re going to a live band club or bar, why not give sometimes to enjoy them play or at least give some responds rather than just sit there and start to talk business and start complaining that the band is too loud!)
2. They just don’t appreciate Music! Honestly I’ve met bunch and thousands of Chinese who doesn’t even know the song Black Magic Woman! Come on! This is like the legend! It was the best song ever in its era! And they’ll start coming to me and ask, “What song is this?” Gosh!
3. Ok, it’s fair if you don’t like live band and it’s understood if you wanna go to the club to have fun, drink and enjoy dancing (cos even me if I’m in the mood to club and dance I rather go to a place where the DJ’s playing not a live band cos live band do tend to get sucky sometimes…) but if you know that you’re gonna do that, why go to the Live band club in the 1st place and start complaining again after that or just sit at the corner?
Ok enough on that, I’ll get a lot of burning complaints after this.
Anyway, last night was really really awesome! Everyone got so crazy and started to dance to Sweet Child of Mine! And the new female singer was awesome! She’s got great charisma, good voice and the crowds like her!
The best part was that I made few new friends, and at the end of the song, there’s this cute French guy who I always observe all the time cos he has this nice shoulder length hair, asked me to dance with him! Lol! And my bf was there! But it’s ok, cos my bf knows that I have a thing for guys with long hair! *wink wink*

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I'm GLAD...pheww!!! Finally!!!

For the past 1 week, I had been really mad and depressed! I fought with my bf almost all the time and it was really annoying!!! I hate it! I used to hear these Iranian guys complaining bout their girls but I never really care about it cos I was just thinking that they were just trying to get the non-iranian girls attention and I was thinking “oohh it couldn’t be that bad!’’
Till for the past one week I stayed with them, (since they were here and staying in our place for the Arash concert) OMFG!!! THEY WERE SUCH PEST! I HATE THEM! They’re ok, look nice, friendly and stuff but they’re eating you from inside! They’re like snake! Or maybe parasite! Look I’m not trying to offend anyone but this is just few of the experience that I wanna share and I’m not saying all of them are like that but maybe most of them!
They’re just :
1. disgustingly dirty,
2. messy,
3. They just don’t respect their host!
4. They use my things without my permission and finish every single thing!

For the 1st point, when they came here they had such a huge luggage that if anyone sees it, they will think that they’re gonna stay here for good! Each one of them brings like 10 heels and like 10 different handbags with different colours and design just to suit their awful colourful outfit when they’re going out! BUT they never brought a single TOWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And ended up using MY towel!!! I dunno bout everyone else, but I would never wanna share my towel with anyone else especially when it’s not washed!!!
2nd point, they are just so messy! The minute they arrive, our bedroom looked like a shitty place with everything being thrown here and there (and everything means shoes, make up, clothes, towel, bags….blablabla!!!). Whenever they’re getting ready to go out, after they’re done they just leave everything where they were supposedly got ready! Fake nails, earrings, lipstick, make ups on the bed! Gosh!
3rd point, imagine if you’re the owner of the house and your guests who’s putting up with you for few days, went out clubbing and came back like 4 or 5 in the morning and started talking loudly, shouting and laughed loudly…how would you feel?!?!?!? *that explains enough of my 3rd situation!*
Last but not least, they used my expensive hair conditioner that I just bought the very day they arrive and it had not been 5 days and my conditioner bottle was going to be empty!!!
I just hate these girls a lot! And I’m so glad that they left! Cos if they don’t I’m gonna throw themselves out myself!