Saturday, 5 December 2009

Their best night!

Last night was so far the best night of performance of my bf’s band! It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it! See, my bf’s band performs in 2 clubs (sometimes 3) a week and of all these clubs, I really love it when they’re performing in Hops & Grapes in Cyberjaya! I love the place, I love the people, I love the bar owner and I just love the crowd who went there!
Although cyberjaya is quite far from the city centre and the bar just seems kinda evergreen with working adults and some middle age customers but one thing I love about them is that they go to the bar for the love of MUSIC! They are there to enjoy the music instead of just come and drink and get fucking drunk!
And that brings the reason why I hate Envy Club in Mont Kiara and as well as Library in D’ Curve! The crowds are lifeless! They don’t respond at all! All they care about is just to get drunk and get those club PR’s to entertain them and when the band don’t play their song requests, they’ll start to complaint!
No offence (especially to all Chinese out there and as well as my Chinese friends), but I never like a club or a bar which mainly has 90% Chinese crowd cos :
1. They never seem to pay attention at the band playing (if you know that you’re going to a live band club or bar, why not give sometimes to enjoy them play or at least give some responds rather than just sit there and start to talk business and start complaining that the band is too loud!)
2. They just don’t appreciate Music! Honestly I’ve met bunch and thousands of Chinese who doesn’t even know the song Black Magic Woman! Come on! This is like the legend! It was the best song ever in its era! And they’ll start coming to me and ask, “What song is this?” Gosh!
3. Ok, it’s fair if you don’t like live band and it’s understood if you wanna go to the club to have fun, drink and enjoy dancing (cos even me if I’m in the mood to club and dance I rather go to a place where the DJ’s playing not a live band cos live band do tend to get sucky sometimes…) but if you know that you’re gonna do that, why go to the Live band club in the 1st place and start complaining again after that or just sit at the corner?
Ok enough on that, I’ll get a lot of burning complaints after this.
Anyway, last night was really really awesome! Everyone got so crazy and started to dance to Sweet Child of Mine! And the new female singer was awesome! She’s got great charisma, good voice and the crowds like her!
The best part was that I made few new friends, and at the end of the song, there’s this cute French guy who I always observe all the time cos he has this nice shoulder length hair, asked me to dance with him! Lol! And my bf was there! But it’s ok, cos my bf knows that I have a thing for guys with long hair! *wink wink*