Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Arash Concert!

I know some might be wondering who that is?!?! Well, I didn’t know who it was at 1st till recently when my bf’s band was busy practicing for his concert opening here in KL. And after listening to some of his songs, I realized that I’ve heard some of the songs before and I know them, just that I never get to know who the singer was.
Anyway, Arash is this Iranian famous RnB singer and frankly, some of his songs are not bad actually. They’re quite addictive.

He has this song called ‘Temptation’ which the video clip was recorded in Malaysia, and honestly it doesn’t look like KL at all! Bukit Bintang looks so nice in the clip not to mention Sunway Pyramid! And the quality of the video clip is really good unlike most of the Malaysian video clips which just look…..*sigh*!

The concert!

Us taking pics with him backstage! *It's just so nice to have the VIP treatment! u get to go backstage and take pics!*

Me & Neusha before the concert starts! She's really sweet! =)

Runway 18 doing their thing for the opening!

Ok let’s get to the part where I went for his concert! Well, it was great! My bf’s band played for the 1st one hour. Then, it was the concert. The best part was that, I get to sit at the VIP place cos I was in the ‘Guest List’ and it was really cool! Considering the fact that I didn’t have to pay for a single cent! *wink wink*

One of his famous hit. Try checking out 'Donya' one of his best single featuring Shaggy! i think everyone knows this one cos I listened to it before but i just never bother to find out who was the singer.