Thursday, 4 February 2010

I just love make up!

For those who are not into make-ups or don’t believe in make up to look beautiful, then it’s up to them. It’s their choice and it’s totally OK! But as for me…?!?! I am just so much into make up. I have no idea why, maybe I’m used to watching my mom put them on every time we’re out since I was a kid or maybe I just realized that make up makes everyone especially we ladies look extra beautiful than we really are!
I’ve been watching all these make up tutorials on youtube and it really got me realized that most girls, well most people look 100 times better in make up! I know some people might think, WHAT’S THE POINT? IT’S FAKE ANYWAY?!?! But you know what, I just don’t care coz I look good in them. I mean, compare my face without anything on and with make up make a lot of differences!
Oh yeah some people might probably say, natural beauty is so much more important than some foundation or concealer but seriously?!?!

Not everyone is gifted with smooth radiant complexion that looks super perfect without any flaw! And being a student with super tight budget, it’s almost impossible to get all those expensive facial products that will supposedly give super perfect skin to the consumers.
When I say make up, I don’t mean those super thick 1 inch foundation sticking to the face with super duper bright purple or green or blue eye shadow.

It’s basically mean a touch of foundation that will cover those flaws or the uneven skin tone (like I have and I just wonder how to fix that!) and some eyeliner or mascara to make those eyes pop up a lil or maybe just touch of some natural shades of blusher to make those cheeks look more radiant than the normal dull one. Well, of course if you would prefer putting some extra for some special occasion, WHY NOT?!?!

This is nice..really!

I once went to this Clinique beauty talk in my college and the guy who was giving the speech actually advised us to put on make up to work and especially when we’re going for any interviews. He said that it just gives the impression of being presentable and always being ready. But then again, of course not too thick...he advised to stick with two colours and I remembered 3 of the main colours for interviews. Those are BLUE which means CONFIDENT, GREEN for POWER and BROWN for MATURITY. So there you go people, why I just love make up so much!

Some of the 'before and after make up' looks...make up DO help don't they?!


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