Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'm on Twitter =)

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately but I've been so stressed out with things going around but just so y'all know I'm currently on don't feel hesitate to follow me there yeah! =) thanks..I'll try to update something soon..pretty soon! *Promise!*

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

It's OUT!!!

LOL..I cant help but laugh every time I watch this music video cos I look ridiculously funny in!

Oh well, I like the song though..

Monday, 22 February 2010

1st Day of Internship!

I’m finally doing it! I’m on my internship sem! Honestly, I was not looking forward to it but I was wrong. I kinda like it actually! Thank god there are other 3 trainees with me and they’re all cool! Even the staffs are cool! Damn funny and joke around most time! Lol!
Even though the company is quite a small one but I think it’s better. Know why?!?! When the company is small, that means they have less staffs and when they have less staffs that means they’ll make the interns involve in every project like what I did today. But since it was my 1st day, they only make me do ‘proof reading’ and the ‘squaring’ of the interim payment certificate. Basically it’s just checking the figures before they key them into the computer.
Even the bosses are so cool! =)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I just love make up!

For those who are not into make-ups or don’t believe in make up to look beautiful, then it’s up to them. It’s their choice and it’s totally OK! But as for me…?!?! I am just so much into make up. I have no idea why, maybe I’m used to watching my mom put them on every time we’re out since I was a kid or maybe I just realized that make up makes everyone especially we ladies look extra beautiful than we really are!
I’ve been watching all these make up tutorials on youtube and it really got me realized that most girls, well most people look 100 times better in make up! I know some people might think, WHAT’S THE POINT? IT’S FAKE ANYWAY?!?! But you know what, I just don’t care coz I look good in them. I mean, compare my face without anything on and with make up make a lot of differences!
Oh yeah some people might probably say, natural beauty is so much more important than some foundation or concealer but seriously?!?!

Not everyone is gifted with smooth radiant complexion that looks super perfect without any flaw! And being a student with super tight budget, it’s almost impossible to get all those expensive facial products that will supposedly give super perfect skin to the consumers.
When I say make up, I don’t mean those super thick 1 inch foundation sticking to the face with super duper bright purple or green or blue eye shadow.

It’s basically mean a touch of foundation that will cover those flaws or the uneven skin tone (like I have and I just wonder how to fix that!) and some eyeliner or mascara to make those eyes pop up a lil or maybe just touch of some natural shades of blusher to make those cheeks look more radiant than the normal dull one. Well, of course if you would prefer putting some extra for some special occasion, WHY NOT?!?!

This is nice..really!

I once went to this Clinique beauty talk in my college and the guy who was giving the speech actually advised us to put on make up to work and especially when we’re going for any interviews. He said that it just gives the impression of being presentable and always being ready. But then again, of course not too thick...he advised to stick with two colours and I remembered 3 of the main colours for interviews. Those are BLUE which means CONFIDENT, GREEN for POWER and BROWN for MATURITY. So there you go people, why I just love make up so much!

Some of the 'before and after make up' looks...make up DO help don't they?!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Certain things just make you feel beautiful…

How should I start this?!?! Have anyone of you ever been out…(clubbing especially) with some girl friends and sometimes you felt threatened by their beauty that you feel you wish you have had a better nose, better eyes, better face bone structure, better body, taller…and these stuffs that you can never change! Unless you’re parents are super duper rich then you can consider plastic surgery to fix some of the imperfection in your body BUT even so, there are certain things that not even plastic surgery can help! For example, being short and you wished that you’re at least an inch taller or you have this big upper arm that looks ugly in sleeveless tops cos you’re born with bigger bones and you wish that they’re smaller.
Well that’s how I feel every time I’m out with certain friends or my boyfriend friends’ girlfriends! Oh god I feel so so unattractive even if I’m in my best outfit and make up and they’re in their T-shirt and jeans with NO make up! Well, admit it the make up DO make you look and feel beautiful!
These girls just got it! They have this perfect body, perfect height (which makes me feel like midget when I stand next to them) perfect sharp nose, perfect eyes with just a glide of eyeliner is enough to make them look super gorgeous! How do I compete with that?!?!?! Anyway this is not really about competing but sometimes when you’re always surrounding by physically ‘perfect-looking’ girls, it just brings your self esteem down. *sigh* You just kept asking ‘WHY DON’T I LOOK THAT PERFECT? IT’S NOT FAIR SOME PEOPLE GET TO LOOK SO PERFECT!’
And that was how I felt for quite sometimes till I realized that everyone’s different and they’re special in their own way.
This was what happen, a day before, as I was walking in The Mall (yeah I’m always there cos it’s just right behind the apartment and it takes like 2 mins to walk there) to meet up my bf and their friends, suddenly there’s this Turkish guy came to approach me at the escalator and started to introduce himself, asking where I’m from and stuff. I was kinda surprised cos no one ever did that to me. But he said this, ‘I’ve seen you so many times here in this mall, and every time I just couldn’t brace myself to talk to you and today I did it! Btw you’ve got the most amazing eyes!’
Well of course I felt fluttered cos the eyes that I always wished to be bigger actually been complimented!
Then something else happen on the night at the very same day. My bf’s band had to replace some band to perform in Quatro, The Spring lounge. Since this place has 4 seasons’ clubs in it, instead of going to The Spring with the band, I went to The Autumn club which plays more kinda ‘dancing’ up beat songs! Entrance is free for ladies too! Lol! So, there I was in the club A-L-O-N-E drinking at the bar while pretending to be interested in the Arsenal vs Man U match, where everyone else was either with bunch of friends or with their partners. Then, came 1 guy started to introduce himself and stuff (which is also the first time it happens to me in a club!) asking where I’m from and bla bla bla..and he said the very same thing, ‘YOU’VE GOT BEAUTIFUL EYES!’ I was like ‘oh really?’ (Blushing of!) Oh, and he’s a Jordanian.
So, there you have it. I got TWO numbers in one day! Lol! Not like I’m gonna call them but it just boost out your esteem a lil bit!
So no matter how you wished you can look better than you are now, certain things just can’t be altered or changed! It is you who can make the best out of it and live with it rather than complaining bout it all the time. No matter how much I always wished I have had a perfect looking body but I just can’t get it… YET! (see, I hate working out and anything associate with something that will make me sweat!) And it all comes down to the people around you, your loved ones! Just a few days ago, me and my bf were eating and as usual he was checking out the Malaysian ‘junk-in-trunk’ and he said, ‘Malaysians do have nice butt don’t they! Regardless of their body shape, they have this nice round butt and most of them have nice body shape like that girl, there, there, (and he started pointing to some girls until..) and you yourself!
I know I know, I might not have the best body ever but it feels nice to have your loved one actually saying something sweet bout you.
So my point here is that, just be happy with who you are, how you are cos at the end of the day, the heart is all that matters (trust me, my bf never go for their own kind no matter how gorgeous they are cos he said all the girls have this bad attitude problem that and every time he thinks about it, it just turns him off, as in not interested in them) and beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Thursday, 28 January 2010



...Lady Gaga's eyes in bad romance!...

I thought it was nearly impossible to create it..but i found THIS! and it just look exactly alike in the bath tube scene!

Look at the eyes! Look like one of those anime characters!