Thursday, 7 May 2009

I found a new hangout place in Kuching! =)

After sending my siblings to tuition this evening, I went to the new Bing Coffee in 101 Premier…the new happening place. I never knew about that place before and honestly, I kinda like that place! It looks nice and happening and I like the atmosphere in Bing. It’s so tribal-ish with the orangey lightings, brown furniture with black, orange and maroon wall! So nice!

I was glad that i found all these pics on Bing from cos i was kinda sad that i didn't get to take pics!!! (even the ones we took were very blur...)

Well, I never planned to go there but Emmanuel suggested it, so I said, ‘why not?’ So we went there, and there I was complaining about my problems to him… ‘What to do? How should I handle this! That! Bla bla!!!’ (He’s a good listener, that’s why I usually turned to him when no one else would listen…) while we were chit chatting I didn’t expect to see Jane (my close girl friend) there too!!!!!! I haven’t seen her in ages! The last time I met her was somewhere last year…*sigh* so we were catching up with each other when I noticed 3 cute looking middle east guys passing us…lol! One of them has long curly hair like mine! So cute! (I always have this thing with guys who has long curly hair) lol!

So there it was, my nice and unexpected evening at the Bing!