Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I hate this double standard issues!

I bet everyone is used to this kinda situation that I’m about to share. Ever been through a situation where it’s ok for guys to sleep with a girl on a 1st date and it’s not OK for girls to sleep with a guy on a 1st date coz it sends out a message saying ‘I’m cheap and easy?’

I have this close friend of mine who met this guy through a friend of hers. Well, they had fun, there were sparkles, and they shared a lot of experience and talk about this and that. Both just seem so into each other and had so much in common! Even though it was only the 1st meeting, they seem to be very comfortable with each other. So, later that night, things sort of got out of control and she gave herself to the guy. As bad as it sounds but sometimes things do get out of control and steamy! The next day, the guy was still very nice, just treated her very sweet and didn’t seem to be judging her for her last night action till after few days. He was sort of avoiding her and just kept giving excuses whenever she wanted to meet up. Poor little friend of mine she was really sad and disappointed with this guy. She thought he would be different coz seriously, he did look different and really caring but oh well looks can be deceiving! That’s why don’t ever judge a book by its cover.

The next thing she knew, her friend told her that she shouldn’t have given herself to that guy the 1st time they met coz it shows that she’s easy! Her friend told her to be wiser next time and act like a lady! When my friend told me this, I was so mad! I mean, YES she was wrong to sleep with him the 1st time she met him but come on!!! Why do people tend to judge us ladies whenever we do something that, if a man does it, it’ll be totally ok! But when a woman did the same thing, everyone would say she’s easy?!?!?! And everyone will just keep judging them!

I hate it when the world starting to put a blame on the women when these kind of things happen! It’s like blaming Eve for the sins and troubles we’re having now coz she took the forbidden fruit in the garden and gave it to her husband, Adam! Imagine if it was Adam who was in Eve’s place being tempted to eat the forbidden fruit? I bet he would do the same! It all started from there, and till now, everyone has this shallow mentality that a woman is suppose to be doing this and that and not suppose to do this and that! Gosh! It’s really annoying!


asoom said...

The thing is Veena, girls and guys are different. Their brains tick differently and they're motivated by different factors and they respond to situations differently. This is especially true when it comes to the dynamics of relationships and laws of attraction between the sexes...generally speaking guys and girls are attracted to different types of behaviors and at the same time are turned off by different types of things. That's just how we are biologically and physiologically. They're ruled by testosterone whereas we secrete more estrogen. For example, when a girl has sex with a guy she secretes a hormone that makes her attracted to that guy whether she actually enjoyed the experience or didn't. So that's also why girls should be really careful when giving it up. A guy can do it with no strings attached and he knows that.

Girls don't like to chase guys-girls prefer attention, but guys like to chase girls and they like to work for you. They're also very carnally motivated. So although the guy might do anything in his power to try to get in a girls pants, if she does sleep with him on the first date I could definitely see how she is now perceived as easy and now it's like the thrill is gone for him. Especially if they don't have a relationship already built up, she's just no longer as exciting to him he's already taken the prize.

A guy wouldn't necessarily be perceived as easy because of the differences in our dynamics-we don't chase after them in the first place. Guys can be perceived as losers, jerks, or assholes.

Judging people is bad, but society does judge guys are girls are judged differently because we are different!

*~Ange~* said...

a girl is a whore but the guy is a stud. it has been that way for centuries and it is so sad.