Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I need help to decide!

I know i said i wanna take sometime off but i've gotta post this one! Well i happened to be in Pavilion last night with some friends and i came across this really sexy and beautiful looking formal suit that i've been trying to look for since ages! and i tried it on and it fits perfectly but the problem is that i'm kinda broke right now. well i do have some savings but i'm not so sure if it's gonna be worth buying the suit! BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! *sigh*
My friend did offer to pay the suit for me though but then i don't find it nice cos i just thought if i want to get it, i would really wanna get it with my own money...

But then looking on the bright side, i might need it in few weeks time cos i'm gonna be having my legal studies presentation which will need me to look formal and smart. lol!

I do have a couple of pics me trying the suit, but it's not so clear and kinda reddish but i guess you guys can guess how it looks like on plsss help me to decide k!


Pavilion is not that bad after all cos i pictured it to be those high class stores where you cant enter if you dont have at least few thousands in your pocket and sales assistants who'll stare at you with a *dont bother entering cos i bet you cant even afford any of the things in this store* look! but then we went through the whole place last night and it's nice and i like the structure and the designs of the mall.

Last year christmas deco