Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Making the right choice!

After being in college for almost 1 and a half year, I realized that a lot of the students take certain course which is not suitable for them, not something they like, they did it coz their parents made them take it. So, in short word ‘wrong choice’! Well, it’s ok to make a mistake, who doesn’t? Even I made mistakes in the 1st place when choosing what course I wanted to take. Before doing the course I’m currently doing now, I used to do accounting for 1 semester. Realizing that I couldn’t catch up with those entire debit credit things, those income statements and that demand surplus and whatever they are, I decided to switch course!

Well, sometimes I hate to say it but parents DO know what’s best for their kids sometime. In the beginning I wanted to do ‘Fashion Marketing and Management’ coz I wanted to be a fashion buyer.

What i wanted to be at 1st, Fashion Buyer

The place I intended to do my Fashion Marketing and Management course.

I sorta picture those ‘Ugly Betty’ and the ‘Devil’s wears Prada’ kinda life. But when I told my dad that, he answered me sarcastically saying that he never heard of such course! And that’s how I ended up having 6 months holiday and 6 months working as a kindergarten teacher. In that 1 year I was thinking of what i want to be and still I had NO clue!

What I did for 6 months...

As I didn’t want to procrastinate more time (since I’ve taken a year to decide before I started college) so I went to try for accounting in January 2008. Quantity surveying was actually my 1st choice (dad’s choice actually) but the college didn’t offer that course for the January intake. And that’s how accounting was the other choice. Thinking about it again, I’m glad I actually did accounting for one semester. At least I would have known how lucky I am now that I’m doing QS. I can say it’s 100 times easier than accounts! Well of course you would’ve need a lot of reading and understanding and memorizing facts but I guess that’s fine for me. Memorizing facts is actually one of my special gifts.
My point is, if anyone would want to choose any major or course that will determine their future, they should really take it seriously and decide something you enjoy doing and capable of doing! You don’t choose something coz
‘Ooohh it’ll bring good money’’ ‘’oohhh my dad wants me to do this!’,‘oohhh everyone else is doing this, so am I!’
But of coz we don’t forget to take parents’ choice into consideration too, unless if you really think you can’t, then it’s ok. Like in my case, since I didn’t get to do ‘Fashion Management and Marketing’ so I did accounting coz that’s the nearest to what I want and what my dad would be ok with. I thought account was going to be ok, I expect it to be tough but not as tough till i actually did it =(...! So that’s when I decide, that’s it! I’m switching course to QS! At 1st I was kinda scared to do QS but then it gets ok. I don’t have much trouble. I do have but somehow I manage to solve ‘em.
But what really disappoint me is that, I find most students who are taking the same course as me in college, (no offence) are NOT supposed to be in that course! Like seriously! It’s not just QS but this rule applies to every course, if you’ve been failing and repeating the same subject for more than once, just consider changing to other course! It’s such a waste of time and money if you keep failing! It’s a waste of your time and it’s a waste of your parents’ money! I know few repeat students who are repeating the same subject in my class and sometimes it’s really annoying to see them in the class coz they’re just not suppose to be in there! It’s not that I’m being discriminative or I look down on them but somehow they’re just wasting their time! They don’t seem to be putting much interest and effort in their studies! They don’t show up for class! They never really participate in completing the assignment! So, why waste parents’ money paying the fees?
My advice is, don’t be scared to explore something new and get out of your comfort zone! If you used to be a commerce students but you’re weak in it, why not try something else? You'll never know?!?! You might like it!

Culinary Arts?

Mass communication?

Fashion Design?

I had no clue what’s Quantity Surveying is gonna be like (and I knew accounting) but after done both I’m SO glad I tried accounting and switch from accounting to QS! Coz when I think back. I never want to be an accountant who sits in the office for 8 hours 5 days a week!


I rather be a QS who goes under the sun and get sunburn and move around! And now I’m in my 2nd year, everything is getting more challenging and I’m hoping for the best! And to everyone else who’s still searching, Just make the right choice before it’s too late!



Lisa said...

I hope that you find you're passion dear! I would love to see some polyvore's since you have a good eye for fashion.

celebral seductress said...

awww...i will try to do that when i got some free time coz im really bz at the moment with assignments and presentation! =( but i'll try.. thanks lisa! =)