Monday, 13 July 2009

What's your favorite spot?!?!

Some people might say make-up stores,


some might say the clothes section or some boutique in particular,

or even the supermarket!

Sport stores? Adidas, Nike?

Well, bottom point is that, everyone has their own favorite spot or place that they can’t resist but to enter whenever they’re at a mall or some shopping podium.

As for me, I love the pharmacies so much!
Yes, it’s weird but I love entering a pharmacy! I can spend hours in a pharmacy without getting anything or sometimes I might ended up with some ridiculous stuffs that I just saw in the pharmacy! Coz I know if I don’t get them, I’ll regret it later or I’ll keep dreaming about the stuffs and what it can do for me. *Sigh* I know it’s weird but I find pharmacy gives me this certain feeling of wanting to look good and to look after myself and be healthy.

There were few times when I entered a pharmacy and I guessed I spend too much time in it that the sales assistants were kinda suspicious that they kept following me everywhere I went! In the end, they’ll ask me what I was looking for and if I said I’m just looking around, they’ll start recommend me to try some products or health products and that’s when I started to make a move or if they’re lucky I might ended up buying the product! Lol!

When I said pharmacy, I don’t mean the typical type of pharmacy like the ones full with drugs and first aid stuffs! I mean those like Watson, Guardian and Apex. The ones that complete with care products from head to toe! Oohh I honestly can’t resist that kinda pharmacies! There was once when I was in a pharmacy for nearly 2 hours and I didn’t even realized the time flew till I was out of the pharmacy!

Not this kind...

BUT these kinds...!!!

Especially Watson!!!

Once, my roommate and I went to send our laundry and was going to go out after that, but suddenly it rain so heavy that we can’t even move from 1 spot to another spot! And the place where we were stuck was so dead boring but thank god they have a mini Watson! Oohh lalala! I just went inside and check out the stuffs and I ended up wanting to buy shampoo, black pores remover, vitamin C and new body gel coz they had discounts! Then, when I was about to make payment, that’s when my roommate told me not to get those stuffs and reminded me that we’re going somewhere else! Coz it’ll get troublesome carrying the stuffs later on.

If there are 2 stores in front of me, a super attractive discount drop on ZARA boutique and the other one is a pharmacy, I might enter ZARA 1st and just check around then the rest of the other time I’ll be in the pharmacy! Lol! I check out ZARA 1st coz I know I might need more time in the pharmacy!