Thursday, 30 July 2009

Would you wear BLACK on your wedding day?

Hmmm...I know I've been away for quite sometimes and never updated my blog apology to those who's been asking me to update my blog...especially to Rayan who's been complaining and asking me to update this blog cos it's the only way he can communicate with me at the moment... lol! So, here it goes...

I’m seeing all these gothic trend kinda wedding these days and I just wonder, shouldn’t marriage suppose to be something pure sacred and holy? Why wear BLACK? Call me old fashioned but I’d still prefer white for my wedding day and I don’t think I would go for any gothic theme kinda wedding! I find it very insulting! Ok even IF you have to have black colour on the wedding dress, why not go for something that’s suppler that wouldn’t look so ‘Ooh she must be kidding to be wearing that on her wedding day!’

OH NO!!!!

And IF you to wear black so badly, why not wear it during the wedding photos shoot for the wedding album? That wouldn’t look so bad! Coz some black dress doesn’t look that bad…ON A WEDDING PHOTO!

I actually like this...

and this too...
Maybe some might NOT really be interested in white, why not go for something like peach or something light that still look very supple and not so over-the-top.

Gold is nice too

Light green maybe?

I wouldn't mind this one too..!

Coz if someone would ask me, I rather go for simple than ‘extravagance’ for my wedding day. Yes, understood wedding is only once in a lifetime but what’s with all the over the top dress and colour? I mean in 10 years time, looking back at the photos I bet you’ll regretted the decision of getting something so called unique and extravagance! Coz every fashion and trend has a limited period of time and choosing something simple and traditional would be a very wise choice coz it’ll stay that way all the time and won’t really go out of fashion. Even if it is, it won’t be so bad.


Anonymous said...

do you know what designer does the cream dress?
the one with the gold ribbon at the front ?

celebral seductress said...

hey there...i'm not so sure who's the designer of the cream dress but i found few websites where u can actually find quite the same dress...