Thursday, 28 May 2009

it's just annoying but funny at the same time

Apparently, Ange (hegab rehab) is not the only one's dealing with 'secret anonymous idiot' who just happen to be on your blog and just leave whatever comments they want! i have mine too but he's got a name and his name is M3DOO...and he leave msges on MY CHIT CHAT SPACE...not comment
well m3doo, I got a personal message for ya, if you've got any issue with me or you hate what i wrote on my blog, i've got a solution for ya... JUST DONT BLOODY VISIT MY BLOG! Simple isn't it?
oh here are some of his retarded sure does resemble his character and his attitude... *enough said*

26 May 09, 22:41m3doO: loool PIGs look like youu...!! fatt uggllly bbiittccchh...myy friienn sayyy he dump uu..loooll.. coss uu arree ugglyyy..juustt ridee n fuuckk fr fuuun..hahahah..baad giirll iss likee a doog
26 May 09, 20:32m3doO: why dont u stay in hotel with me tonight...hahaahhahahah..SHAAWWTYY
25 May 09, 13:07m3doO: looooool .... suucckk myyy ccooxkk ffaaty sshhaawwwtyyy
25 May 09, 13:06m3doO: faat ugglyy bbbittttchh .loooooool.... wwee allll knnnoow uu r bbbiitchh.. wee fuuuckkk uu nn leeeavve uuu..loool
25 May 09, 13:04m3doO: i know that u are *****es.. fat ***** ش تستطيع امتصاص الدهون بلدي ديك قبيحة عاهرةش تستطيع امتصاص الدهون بلدي ديك قبيحة عاهرةش تستطيع امتصاص الدهون بلدي ديك قبيحة عاهرةsuck my ****

Friday, 22 May 2009

Pig Skin Line Products

I’m not sure bout these people in the pics but I think it’s really cruel! I really pity those pigs for what these people did to them! Why would someone tattoo the animals and then make them into some bags or shoes or whatever it is!?!?!
I received this e-mail from a friend and I think I should post it coz I find it really mean of people to do everything they want just so that they can benefit from ‘em!

Louis Vuitton piggies...

This will turn into THESE....

I don't know about anyone else but I don't think i would wear these handbags cos I think they're hideous. So, to anyone who's involved in these stupid pig skin line production, just stop it cos no point use torturing the animals when no one wants to buy 'em!

I might not understand what's written on the e-mail cos it's written in mandarin but by looking at the pics somehow I know what's going on...but if there's anyone who knows how to read mandarin pls DO help me to translate this...



Thursday, 21 May 2009

TAG : Eights Meme

Asoom, (The Diary Sequel) has tagged me..I've never been tagged before and this is my first time. So here we go...

8 Things I'm looking foward to
Going for 'Laksa Sarawak' with my cousin, aunty and my mom later
Going for 'Gawai' mass later at 8pm,
Going back to KL,
See Rayan,
Langkawi holiday,
Graduate and be on my own,
Get my own place,
And live with my mom... =P

8 Things I did yesterday
Woke up at 2.20 pm and got ready to go to clinic,
Sent my sis to her bf's plc,
Went to McDonald with my mom to get Cheeseburger,
1st time i cooked dinner so fast!
Went to clinic again cos it was closed in the afternoon,
Found out that I need to shed some of those weight off after getting BMI,
Went to Emmanuel's house,
Watched some Malay horror series...

8 Things I wish I could do
Belly dance,

Be an excellent cook,
Sleep well,
Learn Spanish & Arabic,
Stop eating,

8 Shows I watch
The Nanny,
How I Met Your Mother,
CSI New York,
CSI Miami,
Gossip Girls,
Ghost Whisperer,

8 Things I love
Tribal clothes,

8 bloggers i tag
chuan chiang
Hui Hsin

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Don't we just love 'The Nanny'...!?!?

It’s one of my fav sitcom and I find Fran Drescher looks stunning in every episode even though her outfit may look kinda tacky but I think she looks gorgeous! =). With her super big hair and those catchy and bright looking designs on her super skimpy outfit! Lol! Oh I almost have forgotten that weird voice of hers! I especially like it when she laughs! It’s so funny!

Fran Fine in her typical type of outfit. lol!
I used to watch this sitcom back when I was around 7 but still keep watching till now coz it’s aired on Hallmark. They show 2 episodes everyday. It’s really funny to watch it over and over again!

The rest of the casts

I love this episode (here) when she goes on the 1st date with Mr Sheffield. Really funny! Especially from min 7.28 onwards and i simply adore her dress in there, she looks beautiful in it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Growing up, I remembered watching a lot of Spanish soap operas, ‘telenovela’ as they said. It was really fun and it all started with Maria Mercedes’. I was never really into all this series at 1st but seeing my mom, my aunties and grandma sitting in front of the tv sharp at 5.30 pm everyday made me sorta watch it. Lol! Later, it got fun coz I can still remember everyone was so anxious and excited for the next day to see what happen in another episode! Lol! Sometimes when we’ve got plan and if it clashed with the airing time, the women will rescheduled the plans!

Few weeks ago when I was youtube-ing, I sort of search for ‘Maria Mercedes’ and I was so surprised that I found
‘Maria Mercedes’ song was also sung in Arabic! And it sounded so alike as the original one! =) I never expected that it had been aired in more than 40 countries!

Then, came La Usurpadora’ replacing ‘Maria Mercedes’. The show's premise revolves around a pair of twin sisters who were separated when they were young, and as adults the younger sister is forced to act as a "replacement" for her wealthier elder sister who wants to leave her family for selfish reasons. Well this was really addicting! I was 11 when the telenovela was aired and I remembered even talking about it in school with my friends and teachers! Lol!

After ‘La Usurpadora’ another spanish telenovela was aired called, Mis Tres Hermanas’. Well this one wasn’t that nice, maybe coz I didn’t really watch it from the beginning. And the list goes on…
There were really a lot of telenovelas shown after that, like Yo soy Betty La Fea’ (Ugly Betty), ‘Rosalinda’, ‘Juana’s Miracle’ and so many others!

'Yo Soy Betty La Fea'


'Juana's Miracle' a.k.a 'Juana la virgen'

Currently, 'Lalola' ("lal♂l♀") is aired on TV3. This comedy is about a man named Ramiro "Lalo" Padilla, who is the director of the media company High Five, editor of the famous magazine Don, and has many women around him. Romina, who is in love with Lalo, decides to avenge his lack of commitment by hiring a witch, who has him undergo a spell and turns him into a very beautiful woman, as Romina wanted to make him feel so desperate like a woman who is being harassed.From this start, very funny situations happen, in which Lalo begins to discover Grace, her best friend, and all the things that make women different from men: using heels, wearing skirts, menstruation, and so on.

Monday, 18 May 2009

I want this template

i really like this template but somehow i always have problem downloading it! *sigh*

i think i want to change my current template cos it looks very dark and the space is kinda limited.

I think I need to...

I think i need to...

look on the brighter side of life,

look on the better side of a person,

be more grateful,

try make more friends,

be what i want to be, who i want to be while i can,

party while i can, (lol)

just try to be happy like this elephant here!

Hello everyone!

Hi again! I decided to come out with another blog which will focus more on my daily personal life, what I do everyday, this and that, 'veena's thoughts'! So, in order to do that, this blog will be kept private. I figured that some problem or incidents are not suitable to be written publicly so if anyone is interested to read what I have to say there, pls email me at for an invitation k.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Recently, i'm kinda disturbed...i guessed it might be cos of d problem i'm having with my dad or my ex...i really have no idea but it sure does give some impact on me...It made me sorta moody these days and that's why i don't seem to post anything on my blog cos i just don't feel like it...well, when im back on my feet again i think i'll post something...

I think i need a REAL holiday...

I wouldn't mind at all

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sometimes i think i hate my dad...

does anyone ever felt that? it's annoying! i was never really close to my dad cos he's the type of person that you can't really get down and talk about something...other word, you can't discuss anything with him without getting into a fight! he's the strict, control freak kinda dad who decide every single thing for his kids...the so-called who know whats best for his kids! (not that he doesn't but sometimes it's too much!) that's why i never really talk to him cos it will just piss me off! i don't know but recently he's just acting like a pain in the ass! argghhh!!!! i know im not suppose to say this but i hate him sometimes..*not all the time...*
i just want someone to talk to...anyone?!?!?!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

my dad's gonna be my lecturer! gosh!

my dad recently got an offer from one of the new private college here to be a part time lecturer and tomorrow's gonna be his 1st class!!! i saw him preparing the slides for the lectures these past few days! oh boy! it looks tough to be a lecturer!!! and worst part is that, i'll be joining his class!!!!!!!!!! my dad as my lecturer? goodness! i barely even talk to him at home, i wonder how it would be in the class!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

I have weird sleeping pattern these days...

I have to admit i hate it but i can't help it! i have these weird sleeping pattern where i'll start to become really really sleepy around 10 pm and at 1st i thought it's a good thing...cos there's a saying said, 'early to bed, early to rise...makes you healthy, happy and wise...' (something like that...cant really remember though*) i was thinking it's a good start for me to sleep early and get up early and make it an habit. but i was wrong, around 2 hours later, i'll start waking up and i can't go back to sleep! and it happens EVERY NIGHT now! i hate it! it's like, i sleep around 10 pm and wakes up around 12.30 am and just sitting in front of the comp or watch some movies till 4 or 5 am then go back to sleep! and i ended up waking up at 2.40 pm everyday! well not exactly 2.40 but somewhere that time...2.44, 2.42.. *sigh* just when i thought i was going to train myself to sleep and wake up early...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

I found a new hangout place in Kuching! =)

After sending my siblings to tuition this evening, I went to the new Bing Coffee in 101 Premier…the new happening place. I never knew about that place before and honestly, I kinda like that place! It looks nice and happening and I like the atmosphere in Bing. It’s so tribal-ish with the orangey lightings, brown furniture with black, orange and maroon wall! So nice!

I was glad that i found all these pics on Bing from cos i was kinda sad that i didn't get to take pics!!! (even the ones we took were very blur...)

Well, I never planned to go there but Emmanuel suggested it, so I said, ‘why not?’ So we went there, and there I was complaining about my problems to him… ‘What to do? How should I handle this! That! Bla bla!!!’ (He’s a good listener, that’s why I usually turned to him when no one else would listen…) while we were chit chatting I didn’t expect to see Jane (my close girl friend) there too!!!!!! I haven’t seen her in ages! The last time I met her was somewhere last year…*sigh* so we were catching up with each other when I noticed 3 cute looking middle east guys passing us…lol! One of them has long curly hair like mine! So cute! (I always have this thing with guys who has long curly hair) lol!

So there it was, my nice and unexpected evening at the Bing!

Monday, 4 May 2009

handsome and beautiful! =)

it's 4.48 am and i cant sleep! well i slept around 10.30pm just now but somehow around 1.20am i was kinda awake...not really awake yet till someone called me at 1.22 am!!! i tried going back to sleep again but i couldn't so i just got up and found my mom was also still awake..and we watched this movie called 'The Bachelor'...kinda funny! lol! after d movie i continued watching 'House' and now i'm just awake and bored! that's why sometimes i hate it when i sleep early and i'll wake in the middle of the night like this!
nway, i was browsing through the internet and typed 'handsome' in google and i found this....!!! hmmm...there are other pics but i dunno why i was attracted to this one..maybe coz i've never seen him anywhere b4 i guess...cos other pics were some hot celebs we used to see on tv and! oh btw, he's the King Faisal's grandson, Mutaib...

he looks so perfect!

but then, when i typed 'beautiful' this object appeared and it actually caught my attention!!! it's a condom applicator designed to help AIDS prevention has been named the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey.

pretty interesting...

Sunday, 3 May 2009

toothache =(

my gum is swollen and it hurts...*sigh* i've been very unlucky these few days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Akhedni ma3ak (Take me with you)

hmmm...have anyone ever had a song that really touched you and remind you of all the good or bad things in the past? and even after 100000 times listening to it, it will still shed tears out of your eyes?
as for me it'll be this Akhedni ma3ak song by Fadel Shaker ft Yara...
that was when i 1st got far away from my family started living alone being independent and making choices alone...
and the person who actually introduced this song to me was ironically a Korean girl...but nways...this song really has a deep meaning to me cos...

it's the 1st arabic song that i used to listen to and i like it on d spot!
the song that reminds me of all the good times i had with all the friends around me that i used to have...
the song that really touched me...
the song that i can actually sing to even though i've got no idea a single meaning of the words and lyrics...(except for the title...)
the song that...even though after 10000 times listening to, will still sometimes make me cry...
it's really nostalgic!

Akhedni Ma3ak

sighing is all i can do now!!! *sigh*

These two days have NOT been pleasant days for us, 1 family! it started with the car broke down yesterday at d mall! thank god it was at a least we can still walk around while waiting for my dad to fetch us and the mechanic to come and get the car to the make things worse, we were late for the family dinner at the thai restaurant which reservation booked by my dad supposed to be at 7...we were there around 7.40 pm...*sigh* we didn't even get to be 'pwettypweetywow', i didn't even get to wear the dress i was planning to wear... =( went straight from the mall... =(

then just now just after we came back from my grandparent's house, my mom was about to do the laundry when she found out that the washing machine had stopped working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhh!!!!!!!!!!!! that means i have to do my own laundry these few days before getting a new washing machine!!! adoi... hope my dad and my mom go check out new washing machines tomorrow!! =( *sigh*