Sunday, 23 August 2009

Batu Caves


Hmmm…before I talk about Batu Caves, let me just explain something about my bf. This guy has this funny thing (I don’t know how should I say but it’s kinda weird and a cute way though) or tendency that whenever I asked him to bring me out or ‘LET’S GO OUT?!’. He’ll bring me to weird places…more like tourists attraction places like the Zoo, Bird Park (not yet but I’m guessing coming soon since he talks about it a lot), Batu Caves, Genting Highland and so on…

Coz usually (I bet this goes the same to everyone) when we said ‘LET’S GO OUT!’ it just simply means a day out at the mall for lunch or movie just hanging out and stuffs, not much of an extravaganza event or something!
The 1st time I asked him to bring me out, he brought me to the ZOO!!! So, there I was with him and his friends hanging out at the zoo watching all the animals which was kinda cool actually since my 20 years of living here in Malaysia, I never even stepped into our own national zoo! And on the 19th July was my 1st time stepping into the zoo and actually see how it was!
Anyways, back to the main point, so last weekend since we haven’t been out for quite sometimes, I asked him to go hang out!

By starting with a simple question,

Me : Let’s go out?!?!
Him : Where do you wanna go?
Me : I dunno, anywhere lah… I just wanna get out of the house for awhile, go somewhere and chill.
Him : (Excited) Let’s go to Batu Caves!
Me : Alright then (reluctantly)

Lol! So, we went to Batu Caves! It didn’t start well coz it was raining heavily and while waiting for the rain to stop, we took our lunch and just chilled at the mall near his place.

We just got there...

While at Batu Caves, we just walked around sightseeing and walked up the 200++ stairs!!! Gosh it was tiring, really! It turns out to be ok actually (if not coz of the headache I had coz of the rain earlier) we just went from one temple to another temple and at one point, the priest gave us the red patch (I think it's called Kum Kum) on our foreheads! The guys took some pictures with the snakes which later that night gave me nightmares (snakes everywhere and I couldn’t escape)! I never liked snakes!

While the guys were busy with the picture taking with the snakes, I was just walking around in the temple and an Indian girl maybe around 2 or 3 years of age went to me and started clinging on me even when her daddy wanted to take her home, she just started hugging me and asked me to carry her! Lol! She’s so cute!

Towards the end of the trip, we went to the souvenir shop. I didn’t plan to get anything though since I didn’t have any cash with me but then my bf bought me this really nice, tribal, vintage looking necklace! It’s sooo my taste!!! Really beautiful! After they’ve done buying everything, then we realized, we had no money to get a cab to go home… but then, we still made it home though…Lol!