Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sometimes some girls are just TOO much!

Even though most time I’ll be writing about how unfair the world or the society towards the women but sometimes, I don’t blame the guys for doing so actually, when I said that, I meant when they just used girls for sex or talked about certain girls or just dumped her after one night stand! I know it’s weird and mean but some girls just deserve to be treated that way!

The reason I’m saying this is that, I’ve seen and known two girls (Girl A & Girl B) maybe about few months ago. At 1st glance meeting them, they looked really sweet and nice. Never that it even crossed my mind or I even thought that they are that kinda ‘girl’ (let me just tell the whole story 1st).
One day, after few weeks meeting girl A, we started hanging out and just have fun like having girl’s night out and movies. That time, I still didn’t notice anything bad about her or anything. But till one day, when she asked me if I wanna hang out with her to the mall and watch movie. The story continues when after that we went to my bf’s place (that time he was not my bf yet) to chill coz they were having dinner and he invited us over. And since it was late, so we decided to stay there for the night. And while we were there, girl A started flirting with one of the guy (Mr. O) there (my bf’s housemate which is also my friend) and it disturbed me coz she has a bf and I know she’s not serious about it and the fact that the guy she’s flirting with is my friend..(a very good friend actually) but I just ignored it thinking that maybe my friend (Mr. O) would understand that she’s just flirting and don’t take it seriously too coz he knew that she has a bf. But it started to go out of control, Mr. O started to have feelings for her and even willing to be her 2nd bf. Maybe coz of that, she started using the guy, like asking money from him, used their place like a hotel. Whenever she went out to meet her bf, and if it’s too late and she can’t go back to her hostel coz of the curfew, she’ll go back to Mr. O’s place (which is also my bf’s plc!) and these kinda things.
Till one time, when we were out to see my bf’s band performed, she was flirting with the other guy (the guitarist of the band) in front of Mr. O.
I realized that, and even though Girl A is my friend but Mr. O is also my friend, and what Girl A is doing is seriously unacceptable. So I went to talk to Mr. O and told him to ‘pull it out of the girl’, just forget about her and ignore her! Well, for his own sake, he listened to what I said! And since then, Mr. O ignores Girl A but Girl A keeps calling him and at one point, when she can’t get through Mr. O, she went to the guitarist place. Since then, the guys started to talk about her and believes me, if any guy would say those things about me, I seriously don’t even know where to put my face anymore! Probably I’ll dig a hole and bury myself alive coz of shame!

One thing I don’t understand is that, of all those things she has done, she still has the guts to call Mr. O at 5 in the morning to ask if she can come over to their place! And also, all the while she’s been worrying if her bf would cheat on her with other girls. That’s when my bf actually said something offensive to her like (which I totally agree with), ‘If you’re scared about your bf cheating on you, then what are you doing flirting around with other guys and spending nights at their place?’

Well, that’s something about Girl A. Now, it’s about Girl B.

With Girl B it’s a bit different, she doesn’t really flirt around even when the fact that she actually has 2 BFs (used to be 4 before). Anyways, she’s not the kinda girl who goes around to guys’ house and asking money or flirt around but she’s the type who likes to take advantages over other people’s kindness especially the guys! I used to bring her with me whenever I’m out with my friends before and I don’t mind actually but what I hate the most about her is that, she just loves taking advantages! If she knows my friends would be paying for lunch or dinner, she’ll order the most expensive meal she can find in the menu! Or start ordering a lot of things till in the end, she herself might not be able to finish ‘em!
That’s the 1st thing; the second thing is that, she has a bad tendency or habit of stealing. She tends to steal something she might like or need! I don’t get it! Some people, they don’t seem to have brain to think! It’s like parasite! You’re stealing from the person or the people who has done some good deed for you! How could they do that?!?! At one point, I kinda ignored that bad habit of hers, but it got worse! I caught her red handed stealing my bikini (and some other things) and my bf’s necklace and a very expensive Zippo lighter!
Starting from that moment, I never want to bring her with me anymore, even if I feel sorry that she has to be alone over the weekend but I couldn’t bear bringing a thief with me to hang out with my friends! God knows what else she would steal! And I’ll be blame for it!
Please take note that I’m not here to judge anyone nor I want to gossip coz I know I, myself is not perfect either but I’m just here to remind certain girls that DO NOT act this way coz some of you might think that the guys are stupid but seriously, they’re smart! And certain guys actually know what type of girls they are from their looks and the way the girls carry themselves! Probably that’s why; don’t be surprised if certain guys never take any girls seriously! It’s probably because of these kinda situations!