Thursday, 6 August 2009

Taxi fares has rise up!!! *sigh*

GOSH! Taxi fares has rise up and seriously it does give me a big impact!!!! You see, i travel to my bf's plc most time and usually it will cost me around RM7-RM8 or RM10 the most and that's if i use the 'calling service' but recently since the taxi fares has rise up and now it's really expensive and i dont know how this new meter taxi works! seriously!!!

Cos before this, when you entered a taxi, the meter started from RM2, but now it's RM3...ok fair enough maybe RM2 is too low and petrol price is also increasing nowawdays but then i noticed that the meter is changing too fast! like earlier today when i was coming back from my bf's place, it cost me RM14.40!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if it starts at RM3, understood probably it'll cost me around RM 9- RM10 or RM12 the most BUT RM14???? that's too much!


Anonymous said...

i can explain abt the fare maybe..haha..coz dat day a kind driver explained to us..
he said,the meter start at rm3..then it takes a while to rise to rm3.10..but once it reaches rm3.10,then it'll start to increase very very fast..=)

celebral seductress said...

oh gosh! i dunno but still expensive also!