Monday, 3 August 2009

Annoying Situation!

Hmmm...just wondering here...

Have anyone of you girls out there ever encounter this situation? you're out with your bf and maybe some of his friends (let's say at a restaurant or starbucks) and a minute another girls step into the place, everyone just stop doing whatever they're doing and just started staring at the girls and make 'ehem ehem' sound or start saying 'wow wow she's hot!!!" and you, the gf is just there acting as if it's ok when it's actually NOT! what will you guys basically do in this kinda situation?
well understood even at the 1st plc they just meant it as a joke or not something serious but somehow you do feel kinda annoyed.

1st, cos ur the gf and he actually does that in front of you and it seems like he just doesnt even seem to bother how you as the gf would feel!!

2nd, it's just rude!

3rd, it's annoying!

seriously, i don't understand certain people, they just can't seem to control themselves! i mean, it's ok to look or just take a glance at someone but not till you have to make sound till it looks so obvious!