Thursday, 26 March 2009

Dancing studio nearby...? Belly dance perhaps?

Since I came back from Kuching last month I’ve been looking for a dancing studio here in KL coz I figured out that I need a hobby here to release my boredom! There are times when I feel so bored I felt like jumping right out of my window!!! Well I wouldn’t die but I guess I might fracture some bones and ended up on wheelchair for the rest of my life! How do I know? Well there was a case where an Indian guy jumped out of the window from the block next to mine coz he was in his gf’s room and it happens that the security guard was on patrol…being scared that he’ll get kicked out of hostel??? So he JUMPED! And it happen that I was on my way to college when I saw everyone was there and he was laying in the ground…the next thing I knew…he was in the hospital..ICU...

Back to the point… does anyone know if there’s any dance studio near wangsa maju area? Coz I need to register myself a.s.a.p!!! Plus, I need to shed off this few pounds I’ve been gaining… ;-P
Sadie (in the pic) one of the most talented belly dancer...should see her dance the drum solo thing here. She really knows how to shake those hips with the music!

Since few years back I’ve always been wanting to learn belly dance coz it’s soooo cool! (Well I did attend the class once and it was really fun! And the instructor actually asked me to join the advanced class since she said I was a fast learner!! *wink wink*)
Belly dance class being conduct.Imagine moving your hips and belly without moving the other parts of the body!!! And all those ‘snake-looking’ moves are just so sexy!

I’ve been doing some research online and I found out that belly dance can give a lot of benefits!!! And I mean ALOT!!! Belly dancing benefits both mental and physicals. Dancing provides a good cardio-vascular workout and helps increase both flexibility and strength, focusing on the torso or "core muscles", although it also builds leg strength.
Belly dance is suitable for all ages and body types, and can be as physical as the participant chooses. The art form tones the arms, strengthens and tightens the abs and obliques, and improves flexibility.
Rachel Brice, another talented belly dancer that moves like a snake... and that is why she's given the 'snake charmer' name. can check her moves here.
Notice how she actually moves her tummy!

On top of that, belly dance can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and offers just minimal stress on knees and feet. And here’s a good news for women out there who really want to try belly dancing…not only it gives a great work out but it is also believed to be able to relieve menstrual problems and has been shown to be very useful during pregnancy and childbirth. This is due to the movements associated with belly dance can strengthen the abdominal and pelvic region.
I personally love the colour of the costume.

And I seriously just adore their costumes!!! So beautiful!!! Especially the details on the costumes!!!

So what are you guys waiting for?!?!? Sign up for your belly dance class today!!! Coz i'm gonna do that too...well..soon! =)


Nur said...

i arrived here :D
nice blog..
well i must say bellydance its coolest thing in the world :D
its nice in every sense... help for health a lot...
i dance since a lot of years.. and i got the permission for teach... but im not doing :P
enjoy your time :D
later u will remember me.... u will feel awesome :)

Anonymous said...

hey there..u're oso from qs one rite?hehe..was browsing thru chuan chiang's blog and saw ur im here!nice blog u having!=)

celebral seductress said...

hey Nur! thanks for the comment! so where did u learnt belly dance? cos im looking for a dance studio right now and i seriously need to register myself a.s.a.p... =$ or maybe i can learn from u? hehehe!

celebral seductress said...

hi hus hsin...yes im from qs too! thanks for the compliment! im here to really let go my boredom cos im too free nothing to do! =(

Anonymous said...

yea..dis sem is rather boring..the only thing dat i can do during my freetime now is to watch dramas and's good dat u will wan to join the belly dance class..XD

celebral seductress said...

well still searching for a dance studio...and d sem is ending soon also...huhuhu! =(