Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Since this is my 1st time writing a blog…please pardon me if it’s not really catchy or that interesting…would really try to make it interesting later…*wink wink*

Why did I actually plan to start a blog?? Well that idea came after I’ve been following this blog called hegab rehab’ and some of the other blogs….should really check it out coz its super duper interesting…

Well that might be my 1st reason…the 2nd reason would be coz I’ve got NO life!!!

Class…hostel…class…hostel…well that’s pretty much about’s getting more boring especially when the schedule is really really free…as in 1 lecture a day…your class ends at 10 am and you’re free for the rest of day….*sigh* so here I am in this virtual world of my own blabbing about my life and all this things that I really find…interesting…just to share…

And some of the other reasons might be coz recently I’ve too much anger inside that I just don’t know how to let go but by writing… (well since I’m still a student and I can’t actually afford my own psychiatrist so here I am babbling about my problem here hoping that there are actually people who can relate to it and tell me what should I do..)

I came across a blog called Rebellious Arab Girl and the blog really inspire me to write and complaint all these shit that has been happening to me and around me. Something she said about letting out your anger by doing something creative…write…create new things…paint…draw… basically just about anything!!! Well I chose to write since I’ve no talent in painting, drawing what-so-ever and writing seems more like me coz the words will just come out through my fingers that are typing.

I remembered few years back when I asked a friend why did he blog…and how he got any idea to blog about….and he just answered me this… ‘just write and write eventually you’ll know what to write and you wouldn’t stop’ and yeah he is absolutely RIGHT!!!! =) Emmanuel, thank you so much! You’ve always been such a darling to me… So here we go….my very own 1st post…*oohhhhh im sooo excited!!!*