Sunday, 29 March 2009

I love ém FOOD!!!

Yup you got it! It’s food that I’m going to talk about!!! Well who doesn’t love food?!?! Tell me? With the right way of cooking and occasion, food can be something that is very special and indeed something to treasure. What am about to share is food that I love and…food that I least like. I, myself specifically love the Chinese food! Growing in a Chinese community it’s hard to say that you don’t like Chinese food!

Secondly, I would say the Arabic food! Ever since I came to KL and tried the Arabic food for the 1st time, I just can’t get enough!

I kept craving for them and keep asking my sayang to bring me to the Arabic restaurant nearby. So here are some of the Arabic delicacies that I love!!!

مسقعه (moosa'kaa)

باميه (bamya)

مضغوط (maghroút)
Lamb Kabsah

Mutabal *the humus*

And of course, thirdly I really love my own home cook delicacies which are specially cooked by my mom and my sister for me every time I’m back in Kuching…(well I don’t really cook at home coz my sis and my mom do most of the cooking… ;-p). Oh yeah, another dish that I would never say NO to is the ONE AND ONLY the ‘Laksa Sarawak’!!! It’s the BOMB!!! I have an Iranian friend who used to visit Kuching and tried the dish and ever since then he kept telling me that he’s been craving for it! And wonder if there’s any in KL…so I told him, I, myself is looking for ‘Laksa Sarawak’ in KL coz I’ve been craving for it too!!!

Sarawak laksa

another one =)

Well there go my favourite food…and now for my least favourite. I don’t really like Malay food coz of few reasons in particular. The main reason would be coz they put TOO MUCH SUGAR in every meal they cooked! I remembered watching a show on ‘Asia Food Channel’ (can’t really recall the name of the show though) whereby a chef from England whose hosting the show came to Malaysia and tryout some of the food here. And she did comment this ‘they do love sugar in their food’… so yeah… they really do love sugar in their food. I mean it’s ok to have sugar in your drink or your dessert like pie or pudding or cakes but not in your curry or rendang or some of the fried rice and noodles! I find that a bit too much! Some of the other reason would be they put too much coconut milk and cooking oil in most of the dishes.

Hmmm…I don’t have much things to say about Indian food coz basically I don’t really go to Indian restaurant that much but if I do, I make sure I go to the North Indian Restaurant in Bukit Bintang coz their chicken massala and chicken tikka is just so crazy! Makes you want more!!! Especially the chicken curry! I’ve never tasted something like that before! It’s superb!

But I don’t like any ‘mamak’ restaurant! Coz it’s really a waste of money! Their charges are ridiculous. I mean considering the fact that they serve lousy food but charged you like crazy?!?! That’s insane!

mamak restaurant

But then in KL you don’t just come across Malay food that’s sweet. Some of the other food some of the Chinese food where they put extra sugar in their ‘mee soup’ (the one selling in my college), ‘the sweet and sour pork or chicken’ (well understood it’s called sweet and sour but that doesn’t mean they had to put like a kilo sugar in it till the gravy look so sticky coz of the sugar or the honey that they used) Seriously? How can you eat the food that is naturally NOT suppose to be sweet but some people tend to create their own recipe by putting extra sugar in it and it becomes extra sweet? Imagine people putting sugar in the pasta or the lamb chop? Would anyone actually eat that? I personally would be the 1st to say NO to that kinda food.

Oh yeah that’s the reason why I don’t like TGI FRIDAYS! The pasta sucks and they cost so much! And yeah they put sugar in whatever that Jack Daniel’s lamb thingy…it’s so eww!

this is the Jack Daniel i was talking about! yeah it looks nice but then i just dont like it coz it's sweet!

Maybe that’s why I stick to Arabic food and some Chinese food or cook myself (I discovered that I’m quite a good cook myself…lol!) or if I’m desperate then I’ll opt for the fast food like McDonald’s when I’m in KL coz I don’t wanna ended up getting frustrated in the middle of eating and start complaining coz it’s too sweet..