Thursday, 26 March 2009

People are such an ass these days…!!!

Seriously how can people be so mean! And I’m not talking about people you don’t know or strangers but I’m talking about people who are/were your friends!!!!!!!!! I used to think that there was such thing call ‘BFF’, ‘friends forever’ and bla bla bla…but those are bullshit! If a best friend of yours can just suddenly ditch you one day after 5 years being your bestie and start bitching about you out of nowhere to the whole world and making you look like you’re the bad one, so can the others!

That is why I just find it hard trust anyone these days. And worst case even, when you call your friends and they didn’t pick up the phone. Well you’ll say to yourself, it’s ok maybe he’s busy and I’ll call again later…an hour later…still no answer…the next hour…still no answer…the next thing you get tomorrow…sorry vina, yesterday I got no credit to reply you. Like wtf?!?!?! HELLO???!!! I CALLED YOU NOT SMS YOU!!! AND I CALL YOU THRICE!! NO CREDIT TO REPLY MY ASS!!! Seriously if you don’t want to talk to me, why bother texting me the next day saying those craps? If you’re avoiding me and don’t want to talk to me…JUST SAY IT RIGHT TO MY FACE AND I’LL FUCK OFF!!!
My point is I hate two-faced people who act like nothing happen when they are in front of me and then start bitching behind my back! I hate those kinda people coz I personally won’t do that! If I don’t like you, I’ll show it to you…sometimes I don’t say it straight but my body language is enough to describe that I’m just annoyed with you..well that’s why it’s called ‘action speaks louder than words’..