Saturday, 28 March 2009

DEPRESSED?!?!? What did you do? EAT!!!

Noticed that obese people are actually related to being depressed before? And the society always looked down on these people…? I just don’t know why but I actually pity them coz some of the problem they’re having is just not what they want and there is just nothing they can do about it! Well now I know how it is to feel when you turn to food for comfort or joy.

When I moved to KL for my studies (about a year ago) I find it tough to adapt and making friends. And still…I don’t really have that many friends till now... I can say I’ve got a lot of acquaintances but very few good friends. When I say few it means only 1 or 2. So there are times when I felt really down that I’ve got no one to turn to. So what did I do? I turned to food!!! I eat and eat and eat…!!! Well I sort of feel good after that coz after you eat you’ll feel sleepy and when you sleep you can at least forget about your problems for awhile and the reason you’re sad or depressed until I realized if I keep doing that I’ll turn into an obese person within a month or two…

not so sexy ehh? i know...

Well my point is that, I actually understand how these people feel and why are they doing so coz the world is such a cruel place to live in and food is the only way that can make them feel happy (even if not totally happy maybe just glad). And if u guys know anyone like this just try to help them in every ways possible and helping doesn’t mean in financial way coz what they actually need is moral support and friends.

yeah it's definitely not a laughing matter!