Monday, 6 April 2009

Belly Dance Show!

For someone who loves belly dance, I had attended a belly dance show which was organized by one of the dancing school last month! Well I was kinda excited in the beginning but then was a bit disappointed when I was at the show.

1st of all, on the ticket says that it starts from 7.30 pm till 10.30 pm but it actually started at 8.30pm because 1 hour earlier was for guests to have refreshment. Then around 8.25pm the emcee came up on the stage and said that they will start a bit later around 8.45pm because the so called DJ was trapped in a jam! Omg! I just couldn’t stand Malaysians! They usually start their event half an hour to 1 hour from the actual time stated!

It was already 7.45pm and it was not even half occupied yet!

Secondly, I was not really satisfied because Ariellah only perform twice! And I thought it was supposed to be her show! (Well understood that it was stated that there are gonna be other performances by other local dancers but I didn’t know that she would only perform twice!!!) *sigh* there goes my money!

Thirdly, I really hate the crowds who went to watch the show! They were provided a place to sit which they chose earlier and yet when it was time for the performers to perform, everyone stood up and it was really annoying since I was sitting slightly behind and I didn’t really get to enjoy the show that much! So what I did? I stood up on the chair coz that’s the only I could watch the show! These people are just not civic minded at all!

What happen in those 2 pics was what I was talking about!

But then in the middle of the show I just decided to enjoy the show despite all those disappointment coz I didn’t wanna end up being disappointed all the way! So I just watched the show and enjoyed it! I noticed that the male belly dancer performed the best! He actually can dance better than Ariellah and the other dancers there!

Well at the end of the show I got to take pic with Ariellah and all the performers!!! My classmates were like… *wahh you took pic with her also arh??* hehe!

Ariellah and Me!

1st from the right: the male belly dancer who danced really well! *better than the ladies!*

was really bored for the 1st hour, so we cam-whore!

Nah that’s not 1 of the dancer! FYI that’s my shawl but he ended up using it coz I was too busy taking the dancers pics. I like this pic so I decided to post it too! Lol!