Sunday, 26 April 2009

I'll be flying home!!! yeay!!!

YESS!!! In less than 24 hours time i'll be flying back to Kuching! I seriously can't wait! i'll be lazing around for a month! Home Sweet Home and my loved ones...

These are some of the reasons why i like going back home!!! *i bet everyone does but i just feel like jotting down some of my own reasons...hehe!*

my own own room!!!

i get to watch the tv!!! 24-7!!! all day long till my eyes pop out! hehe!

mummy's cooking! well i can say my sister's cooking too since she's the one who does all the cooking at home!

no more being alone...

no more eating lousy food in KL (seriously the food here sucks! everything is sweet! i guess sugar is free for the people here)...i've been eating fast food here and i'm gaining weight which is seriously not a good news for me!!! =(

no more public transport...

no more sweating like salted fish (yeah thats how i call it..when i sweat too much coz of walking i feel like a salted fish*) lolz!

last but not more being!

*sigh* i'm saying all this as if i won't be coming back to KL...Well im just gonna make use of this 1 month and enjoy with my family!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!