Saturday, 4 April 2009

i LOVE shopping in Bangsar!!!

Bangsar, Telawi Street

Last Wednesday somewhere last month, my friend, Kim and I went to Bangsar to shop coz Kim needed to find a new dress or formal wear for a function that we’re going to attend the somewhere that particular week. As for me, I dint plan to shop or anything (coz I was broke and promised not to shop for that month) but just to accompany her coz Bangsar is one of my fav place to shop and chill. It gets better at night.

Bangsar night scene.
Bangsar Village

So when we reached there we started by me going to a Punjabi store to thread my eyebrows. The only place I’ll do my threading in KL coz it’s really cheap (RM5 for eyebrows and RM10 for eyebrows and upper lips...pretty cheap eh?) and the Punjabi lady who did my threading knows how to adjust the shape of my eyebrow so that it’s not too thin but just nice. It’s quite hard sometime considering that I’ve non-even eyebrows…lol! Which is quite hard to thread but this lady jus know how to do them! My friend Kim wanted to try it at 1st since she never tried something like that but she sort of changed her mind after that... (hmmm maybe coz it looks kinda painful… ;-P)
Threading in process

Then off we go around Bangsar just going in from store to store looking and trying out one dress after another to find for the right dress and top but every time we got into a store, it seemed like the clothes are quite dull and boring (not to mention how much they cost!) till we reached a store call BLOOK…I love this store so much coz most of their clothes are the ones that I would wear and like.

I like the capture!

Telawi street

So I broke my promise after I step into this store. Coz I can’t help it but to fall in love with this ‘Marilyn Monroe’ summer looking dress. With the colours and the cutting!!! Ohhh it’s so my style! Worse, after I tried ‘em on! I started by trying size-L (coz the ladyboy who served me said size-S would be too small to fit me when I asked him whether size-S can fit me in the beginning when I walked into the store) but it was too big! And then he gave me size-M…well it was ok but it was a bit loose on the under breast part so I finally asked for size-S!!!! Well the S fits perfectly on me! Kim thought so too… =) even the Indian lady who works at the store said I looked nice in the dress and she said the most flattering thing that no one else actually said to me before… wow! Miss you look really nice in this dress. As if it’s made especially for you! We had so many customers trying on this dress but somehow the dress just don’t seem to fit them right. It’s either the breast part, the back part but you look totally great in it even when you’re not wearing any bra but you still look great!

Hehe! Sometimes I’m glad that I have meat and not super skinny like some girls coz I personally like being curvy and voluptuous rather than skinny and flat!

And there people…!!! That was why I bought that dress even though I dint plan to shop that month but the lady was so sweet! I liked what she said to me. =) Oh yeah even the manager too! The guy with the super long hair! He said my shoes look cute with the dress! *wink wink*
My point here is, if you’re one of those people who happen to have your own boutique or just about any type of business, please be polite and nice to your customers coz they might not want to purchase your item in the 1st place but if you treat them nicely and politely, they might change their mind! Like me! =) I bought that dress! And I ended up owing Kim 100 bucks coz I was short of cash! Tsk tsk tsk…