Wednesday, 29 April 2009

What's with girls pouting when they're taking pics?

this might sound stupid but what's with some girls who pout when they're taking pics? seriously, i find it retarded! well its ok if you have that Angelina Jolie sexy pout and those sexy eyes...that's an exceptional case! certain people DO look sexy when they pout but some just look ridicilous!




some celebs with thin lips also try so hard to pout and look keira knightley's bad enough she has those weird mouth & jaw structure and it gets worse when she's just not working for her! she looks better when she just smile and not try so hard.

i personally think this look weird...

just smile and you'll look sweet, keira.

i've been loking at some of the pics on facebook, friendster, hi5 and OMG! some girls are just trying so hard to look sexy when they're NOT especially when they pout when taking pics! my god! i feel like taking a knife and chop off their lips for that! come on! just smile and naturally you'll look sexy...haven't they heard about sexy smile? killing smile? i rather smile than pout! pout makes certain girls look U-G-L-I-E-R...that's why i never pout when i take pics coz i know it'll make me look ridicilous...


*~Ange~* said...

ahh i hate it! they all put weird looks on their face and pout!! i HATE it!

celebral seductress said...

i know!!! it's really annoying when browsing through profiles on facebook looking at the pics of girls pouting trying to look cute and sexy...*sigh*