Saturday, 4 April 2009

pLaYing drEss Up... =)

On my previous post, I was talking about how I love shopping in Bangsar and how I ended up buying the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ summer looking dress from BLOOK.
And since I bought the dress I haven’t got the chance to wear it. Rather, don’t know where to wear it! *sigh* it’ll be easier to don it anytime of the day if I have a CAR here!
Seriously, you don’t wanna get into the LRT or monorail wearing that dress and people just stare at you like you’re some kinda alien from the planet Mars! I get that a lot every time I’m on the train. And I wouldn’t dare to get into the taxi alone in that dress! Seriously I don’t trust KL cab drivers! There was once when I took a cab to KLCC and the taxi driver actually asked me if I’m interested to get any ‘ang moh’ (white) or Arab guy or just any foreigners and he said that he knows a lot of ‘these people’ who are interested! I was like WTF???? And I was decently dressed! No cleavage showing no junk in the trunk or what so ever! That was really scary!

Now get back to the topic, here is how I’ll wear the dress…IF I PLAN TO WEAR IT ANYTIME SOON! *I still have the price tag on the dress till now*

This is the colour I have. It comes in pink too but then I prefer the green one coz of my skin tone that’s rather brown. Plus, I got matching shoes and wedges that go well with the dress! =)

And this is the wedges that I have which I will match with the dress! So what do you guys think?

This is the pink colour. I think this colour will suit girls with fair skin or those who are very very dark. Have anyone seen African wearing pink before? I honestly think they look cute in pink!

African girls

So any suggestion on when and where I should wear the dress? Please do tell me!!!